LinkedIn Lead Gen Masterclass

FREE, 5-Day Live Training | July 29th – August 6th at 12:00 PM EST.

Learn How To Generate 100s Of Leads Through LinkedIn™

…even if you’re just getting started + have never posted on LinkedIn™ before…

Join me for a 5-day training where I’ll teach you my simple, proven process for generating 100s of leads on LinkedIn, becoming a top-voice in your industry, and reverse-engineering LinkedIn growth.

So you can STOP being so reliant on paid ads and the social media hustle.

What if LinkedIn was your number one lead generation source?


✔︎ Having a network full of qualified leads at your fingertips

✔︎ Waking up to qualified leads in your inbox who are excited to work with you

✔︎ Not having to worry about the latest social media trends and algorithm updates

My impressions went up by 9450% in the last couple days by putting up a post.

Today’s class went so fast I could not believe it when Melissa said here is your homework for today. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

I have been learning so much everyday. You are definitely giving a ton of value.

Create An Optimized LinkedIn Profile You’re Proud Of + Start Attracting Your Ideal Customers – In Just One Week

LinkedIn Your Business Needs It

LinkedIn™ Your Business Needs It


Learn what makes LinkedIn different and why all online entrepreneurs should be on the platform.

The Leads Landscape

The Leads Landscape


I’ll walk you through the mindset journey and the shift it takes to be successful on the platform.

How are You Showing Up?

How are You Showing Up?


Employee vs. Entrepreneur – how are you showing up? It’s time to step into your power.

Finding Your Ideal Client

Finding Your Ideal Client


Get crystal clear with WHO you are trying to attract first before creating any content to attract and provide value.

Profiles That Attract & Live Audit Workshop

Profiles That Attract & Live Audit Workshop


Does your profile reflect your awesomeness and value proposition? Are you grabbing their attention?

Bonus Sessions

Bonus Sessions


Creating Content That Converts with Melissa


The LinkedIn Algorithm: A Different Game with Jackie


The Entrepreneur & CEO’s Dream: LinkedIn™ Live and Creator Tools


Q&A with Melissa and Team Burnout to All Out

Achieved Top Voice after just a few Days of Attending the Lead Gen Masterclass Training

I would highly recommend Melissa and her team. They were able to explain the nuances of the platform in detail and helped me understand how to achieve top voice.

– John Starr

My promise to you

Will provide more value in these 5 FREE days than the last thing you paid for.

Just ask our past attendees:

Denise LeGrange Testify

Denise LeGrange

“When you start with Melissa she gives you what to do everyday, do it verbatim. If you follow that you will grow, your content will get engaged and you will be glad that you did this program! I interacted with others deeply [on LinkedIn] …my comments got seen and liked and interacted with a lot of people. I do believe that helped my top voice!

Darla Bonk Testify

Darla Bonk

“From the first two days of the masterclass, I changed a couple of things on my profile and got someone to connect with me through messages.

Jayme Knight

“Today proved me wrong and I’m excited to do it right! The examples shared were eye-opening! Thank you Melissa and Team for being so vital to all of us right now. You are giving us hope, motivation and encouragement that was so needed!

Melissa Henault - Business Strategies for the Modern Entrepreneur

Meet Melissa Henault

Pharm.D., Founder and CEO of Burnout to All Out

While experiencing burnout in corporate as a senior leader in a Fortune 500, Melissa decided to take her corporate leadership skills to the internet and built an exit plan. She leveraged the power of LinkedIn in the pockets of her time to build her first E-Commerce business.

She grew her first online business to match her corporate income in less than 2 years and retired from corporate at the age of 35.

Melissa has since applied her own tried and true LinkedIn Method recruitment model to build her own 7 figure coaching business. She teaches others how to land high ticket clients and business partnerships on LinkedIn, as well as teaches others how to build and monetize their personal brands, business management, and leadership skills in the online space. Her passion outside of being wife and mom of 3, is teaching others how to build their online empires and brands through her coaching.

Empowering more professionals to go from Burnout to living ALL OUT!!

Have Questions?

What if I can't make it live?

No worries!  Each live is recorded and posted on the replay page.  You can catch up at any time throughout the length of the masterclass. 

YES!  We will be giving all sorts of strategies and tips to maximize your lead generation on LinkedIn!

We would love to see you every day of the masterclass – but if you don’t attend for a day, we completely understand!

Absolutely not.  We believe in giving VALUE!  We will be pitching a program – but we are confident even if you have no intention of buying anything, you will walk away from this masterclass having learned a ton about generating leads on LinkedIn

Email our team ( and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Great to be here! Awesome first day! Mindblowing. I was so bad at homework at school, especially when I was bored! So please take this as a massive compliment!

Thank you for providing so much value. Can’t wait for Day 3 - I’m tracking metrics and already seeing 439% increase in post impressions. I’m a student of the process!

I am absolutely mind blown about how I can be showing up in my business as a Thought Leader and not just as an online resume with a photo.

Don’t Waste Another Second Hustling on Social Media or Lighting Money on Fire with Paid Ads

In just one week, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a magnetic LinkedIn presence that attracts 100s of leads and converts them into sales while you sleep!

Generate 100s Of Leads Through LinkedIn Easily

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