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Myrna Atha


Unemployable On Purpose

I mentor you with the perfect E-Commerce business that will create for you repeat monthly income. 28 years of experience with year on year growth.

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Lynée Lopez


CEO & Founder

Educational Coaching, Leadership Training, Early Childhood Start Up, Educational Grant Writing, Podcast Host of Cafe Verve, Community Outreach Projects, Retreats

George Marquis


Global Director Membership Rewards

I show friends and business associates how to make 10%/month.


Brooke Moll


Ecommerce Wine Business Entrepreneur

I lead a team of entrepreneurs that market clean-crafted wine.

Elisabeth Wygant



Empowering Ambitious Women to Reclaim their Libido, Optimize Energy Levels, and Move in Confidence | Women’s Hormone and Gut Health Guru | Cycle Syncing Specialist | Functional Nutrition Expert


Laurel Boylan


Professional Network Marketer

I help network marketers and coaches supercharge their impact & profitability through a virtual personal growth platform.

Noelle Kauanoe Campbell


Multipassionate Entreprenuer + Educator

I currently run an e-commerce Health and Wellness shop that specializes in high preforming collagen, the #1 weight loss system, body and mind biohacking products. I help people startup their own e-commerce shops, where they benefit up to 36% back profit on all sales with no inventory keeping, customer service, or HR. I also have newly founded The Health Hui. This is a community focused group of women from all different health expert backgrounds cultivating education, tools, gatherings, events to uplevel our overall health practices and community well-being.


Dr. Ruchi Mishra Sharma


Medical Doctor, Certified RTT hypnotherapist

I am a Belief change expert empowering professional women to unleash their true voice and confidence to overcome overwhelm and achieve their dream goals aligned with their life vision and authentic self.

Eliza Vatterott


Helping business moms gain time and financial freedom back.


Sue Wilburn


Founder & CEO

I am a career and mindset coach for individuals wanting to make a career pivot or have incurred a career set back and need to re-build confidence in themselves.

Kim Verros


Mortgage Loan Advisor

As a mortgage loan consultant, Kim is available to helps borrowers assess their current needs and explore the best possible lending options when purchasing a home, investment properties or refinancing. While the process innately is complex, Kim’s core competence of simplifying the complex and her consultive nature will make it as quick and easy as possible, especially for busy professionals.


Julie Cober


Leadership Coach

I work with professional women to map out the next stage of her career/business while becoming the leader of her life.

Drake Abshire

Real Estate Team Lead

I lead a team of 4 real estate agents and we focus on the client experience in selling and purchasing homes in south Louisiana.


Princess Cullum, PhD

Founder & CEO

Dr. Princess M. Cullum, Founder, CEO of You ™ Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Program, is a Career Strategy Coach and Talent Development and Organizational Effectiveness Executive. She is a sought-after expert and speaker in the areas of Career Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Executive Development and Women’s Advancement and Leadership.
The CEO of YouTM is a 6-month virtual instructor-led program designed for professional women, especially women of color. The program integrates career, health, values and relationships in a supportive environment that focuses on the challenges of women, allowing for greater authenticity among participants.

Tiffany Chia

Canadian Education, Immigration and Recruitment Expert

As a Canadian Education and Immigration expert, I help international clients fulfill their Canadian dreams with my Canadian immigration consulting firm (www.1to1immigration.com). I provide immigration and consultation service to international students to study and immigrate to Canada. I also help international spouses, highly educated young professionals and accomplished business owners immigrate to Canada. 

As a senior tech recruiter, I help Canadian firms hire tech talents. 

I would love to connect with you to explore referral or  joint business opportunities.


Nella Willett

Real Estate Agent

Help guide buyers/sellers through their real estate journey with only 1 goal, that of the buyer/seller.

Jasmine Collins

Social Media Manager

I create and implement social media strategies to help you reach your business goals. This includes creating and curating content, engaging with followers, monitoring and analyzing social media metrics, and developing a community around your brand. I keep your business up-to-date with social media trends and changes and adjust the strategy accordingly. My ultimate goal is to increase your brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty among the target audience while maintaining a consistent brand voice and image across all social media channels.


Karena Neukirchner Lindell

Trauma Informed Emotional Healing Coach

I’m here to help you quickly identify and heal the subconscious blocks, old wounds and self-limiting core beliefs that are holding you back from living a life of authenticity and joy. 

Rooted in depth psychology, leading edge neuroscience, and an unshakable belief in the power of your inner wisdom, the emotional processing techniques I utilize are powerful, compassionate and effective. 

If you’re ready to breakthrough the invisible barriers within, please contact me!

Janet Shulenberger

Social Media Strategist

I empower small business owners to achieve better engagement that leads to sales.


Jenani Paul


Build a professional online presence through story-branded website and user experience design. Create a marketing strategy based on the client’s goal and target.

Michelle Ochoa

Real Estate Agent

Helping families build their dream homes, one family at a time.

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Barbara Bass

Trusted Coastal Real Estate Advisor

I am a real estate advisor who helps clients to achieve the purchase or sale of their Carolina Beach property with my extensive coastal construction and sales knowledge.

Sue Radtke

Executive Consultant

I help women build businesses through sharing amazing skin & haircare products as a side-gig, or more, affording them financial stability and independence.


Kathy Kates

Co-Founder, FNP

Transformative continuing education for your clinical practice.

Lois Hughey

Nutrition Coach

I help women who want to love their bodies navigate nutrition and fitness during perimenopause without fads, restriction, or excessive cardio.


Jesse Halstrom


I’m an operations consultant who helps 7-figure online entrepreneurs achieve scalable stability in their business with my Ceiling Braker Blueprint.

Jen Mannerelli

Certified Health Coach

Coaching busy, professional women to lose their excuses, bad habits, poor nutrition practices and excess weight, while gaining confidence, balance, control, food freedom & energy. Through 1:1 coaching, I guide the client through 4 main pillars to reach their goals, once & for all: Nutrition Physical Activity, Mindset & Accountability. We focus together on clarity & structure without restrictions & misery!


Sonia Guzman

Integrative Somatic Coach & CEO

Integrative Somatic Coaching to upgrade unconscious programming so that high achieving entrepreneurs and professionals can step into their personal power and achieve their next level of success and impact.  This allows them to fee up energy, live intentionally and experience more ease as they work through their vision roadmap.  I specialize in product development, leadership, strategy and somatic attunement.  My clients are successful and joyful because they feel connected to their purpose and invest their time and efforts on value add experiences and projects.

Cheri Shedeck

Travel Designer Specialist

Travel Design Specialist helping you plan the adventure of your dreams!  Taking away the stress of planning so you can focus on creating the special memories.  All-Inclusive Vacations, Cruise Packages, Resort Destinations, Weekend Escapes, Bachelorette/Bachelor Getaways… if you dream it, I will plan it!


Genell Lemley

Health Coach

I enlighten, guide, support and empower female executives  and business owners over 45 to make positive health and lifestyle changes to optimize brain health, regain mental clarity, focus and energy, improve cognition and productivity, and replenish resilience so they can live the thriving, productive, impactful, and purposeful lives they desire.

Christina Dore


A licensed professional who assists domestic and overseas investors and homeowners with their real estate needs in Orlando, FL.  Selling short-term vacation homes, within 30 mins from Walt Disney World.   C:4077826318


J Ray Olson


Property and Casualty Insurance agent placing coverage for business, auto, homeowners, and toys.

Lindsay Noll

CEO – Founder

I handle finance for women-owned businesses and women-run nonprofits. Bookkeeping, tax prep, bill pay, invoicing, cash projections, budgets, and more!


Heidi Caccamise

Merchant Service Provider

I help hard-working business owners stop the bleeding when it comes to credit card processing by offering fair pricing and even an option to eliminate most or all of the processing fees.

Gita Kulkarni

Humor Coach & Salesforce.com Implementor

I set up Salesforce.com and related technologies for companies. I also help people and teams find and express their sense of humor to be more productive and effective in work and life.

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Cynthia J. Starks

Seniors Real Estate Specialist

I help people aged 50+ in Central Indiana who would like to downsize, relocate to be near children or grandchildren, find their dream retirement home, or live in an active adult community. I understand both the emotional and financial aspects to such a move, am sensitive to both, and view serving and protecting you in these areas as my most important job.

Leon Alexander



Making sure every task is done 100%.


Jackie Dolan

Strategic Relationship Coach

I help motivated men and women who are frustrated and stuck at work shift from daily stress and dread to waking up energized and excited to go to work as they now have a clear workplace strategy and tools that align with their unique strengths and abilities. I help them move forward with confidence and clarity as they ensure their ‘right fit’ and gain positions, promotions and pay raises that fully suit them including ownership and leadership in their own career path and development.

Muna Lallas

Owner & Creative Director

I help food and beverage brands bring their product to life and connect with their audience.


Lara Murphy


I help clients and investors buy and sell real estate in the Charlotte and Lake Norman area.

Ilona Pretorius

IFS Implementation Specialist

I’m an IFS Implementation Specialist who helps clients to reduce the stress associated with ERP Implementations by introducing the experts in my team to assist with their Implementation and Upgrade Projects.


Suzanne Chaney


I am a nutritional biochemist. I help you live healthy longer, help you reach your health goals without meds, have more energy, lose weight and maintain muscle. It is my passion and purpose to inspire others to be good stewards of their health. I look forward to helping you reach your health goals.

Jim Barboza


I own Gateway Shirts Marketing Group. We are the sales and marketing engine for custom logo apparel. We specialize in t-shirts, polos, outerwear and caps. To make ordering easy, we create free online merch stores.


Charlene Carpenter



Strategic advisor who works with business owners $500k and above so they maximize their time doing what they are best at and receive real-time collaboration to make better financial decisions.

Sandra Wigg


Life Coach

I work with women who desire a strong connection, peace, ease, and freedom to be themselves in their primary relationships.


Mayra Martinez



Leading Top Electrical Construction Talent To Live With Purpose

Mashon Thomas



I help freelancers make $100K/yr and I teach business owners how to build amazing freelance teams.


Lauren Perez

Brand Ambassador

Help busy moms say yes more while being their most confident self in their own skin.

Roger Young


Mortgage Loan Expert

Service Focused+ Expert Mortgage Loan Professional + Credit Building/Improvement +Borrowers achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership


Sarah Huibregtse


Founder & CEO

Academic turned online CEO teaching business owners strategies to use technology with confidence and ease to generate wealth. | CEO + Learning Engineer + Technologist | Together Let’s Design Your Path to Harmony

Alex Hallgarten


Mortgage Loan Advisor

I help home buyers, home owners, and realtors acquire the best financing options based on their individual needs and goals.


Rachael Woods


Owner, Chief Strategist

I am a marketing expert empowering business owners and marketing teams to boost their marketing outcomes through data-driven strategies and digital marketing tools.

Haley Jones


Tennessee Real Estate Agent & YouTuber

I help clients make informed and empowered real estate decisions.


Robbie Weadick



I help women feel sassy, sexy, & confident through accessorizing their outfits for presentations, zooms, and everyday life.

AJ Riedel


Mental Fitness Trainer & Coach

I help wanna-be entrepreneurs who have been dreaming of being their own boss for over a year to raise their Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) so they can reach their full potential and succeed as small business owners.


Lisa J Morris



I help woman build bank accounts, brands, and life’s they love. I partner with companies to bring quality candidates to their door.

Shannon Wilburn


Founder & Owner

I support driven, women founders and entrepreneurs of small to midsize companies to cultivate focus, overcome obstacles and readily step into challenges they encounter through award-winning insight, success-driven strategy and encouraging accountability.


MJ Sanzari


Global Luxury Real Estate Specialist

I locate my clients their dream homes. I am based in southeast Florida, however I am global. I also locate 1031 exchanges for those who need it. Concierge services offered as well.

Monica Hines


Health & Life Coach, RN BSN

As a health and life coach with a nursing background, I empower burnt-out professionals to rediscover balance, joy, and purpose in their lives. Through transformative virtual coaching sessions and personalized programs like “Revive and Thrive: A 90-Day Intensive to Step into Alignment and Find Your Joy,” I guide individuals in setting meaningful goals for personal and professional growth. My customer-centric approach focuses on mental and physical well-being, enhanced relationships, and unlocking true potential. Together, we break free from old patterns, create sustainable habits, and embrace a journey of growth and self-discovery. Transform your life into a masterpiece of balance, resilience, and fulfillment.


Jennifer Shneer


Registered Social Worker & Wellness Coach

I help burned out Social Workers live a balanced and fulfilled life.  A life that excites you and doesn’t drain you!

Lauren Gayl


Chakra Healer/Chakradance Facilitator/Speaker

Chakra healing using the modality Chakradance.


Alex Mitchell



My formal education is Computer Science (yes, I’m a nerd). However, I’ve always considered my “career” to be an entrepreneur. I’ve started, ended, and/or exited over 20 businesses in the last 20 years. I currently own and operate a SAAS company for tracking Returnable Shipping Assets, as well as physical products brand which we sell on Amazon.

Tammie Mattos


Entrepreneur~Health & Wellness Ecomm Industry

As an Entrepreneur in the Health and Wellness Ecomm Industry, I promote a healthier lifestyle through nutritious whole food products made from concentrated fruits and vegetables. With a user-friendly Ecommerce platform, secure payment processing, and data-driven insights, I ensure a seamless shopping experience. Join me on this journey towards better health and well-being while mentoring fellow entrepreneurs to success in the world of Ecommerce.


Tisha Castillo, MHP, FDN-P, NBC-HWC


Metabolic Nutritionist

I work with people who feel like they’ve tried everything to overcome symptoms like persistent fatigue, stubborn weight gain, & brain fog, or even chronic conditions such as high blood pressure & diabetes. They’re tired of hearing the same old myths – that these issues are ‘genetic’ or just ‘part of aging’. I help them reclaim control of their health using my signature CARE method, where we bust through myths & misconceptions together, turning the very thing that was the problem – food – into their powerhouse solution. The result? Sustainable weight loss, energy like never before, reversal of chronic conditions & symptoms, & the confidence to keep this kickass wellness going. Because let’s be real, this sh*t is for life!

Darla Bonk


Founder & CEO

I help business owners fall back in love with their business again through human capital optimization.


Toni Burns


Executive Director/Health Agent

Customize health insurance benefit plans to help save entrepreneurs on & theirs families on their premiums while keeping their favorite doctors & hospitals & help protect their future selves.

Dana Vanegas


Relationship Coach For Singles

I empower ambitious single women to achieve lasting love and personal fulfillment by guiding them on a transformative journey of self-discovery.


Lisa McPhee



Career and confidence coach for high achieving professional women.

Nikki Paschar


Integrative Mind-Body-Soul Therapist

I guide family-juggling, emotionally burned out professionals to create amazing relationships and live the lives they were created for.


Lauren Baptiste


CEO Ending ‘Billable-hour’ Burnout

I coach women professionals working “billable-hours” (ie attorneys, accountants, consultants) end the cycle of burnout and overwhelm. This is done in my 6-month private coaching program called Freedom.

Christyn Walker


Licensed Professional Counselor

I specialize in counseling people suffering from trauma and alcohol abuse/addiction, as well as helping Christian women in difficult relationships. I’m also a counselor supervisor, coach and consultant.


Diane Bullock


Employee Freedom Strategist & Coach

Run Your Career like it is Your Business. I teach high achieving female employees the techniques that entrepreneurs use to gain freedom, flexibility and greater opportunities both inside and outside of your current company without having to be an entrepreneur. After years of being beat down on the corporate treadmill I learned how to take back control, have greater peace and happiness and live my life on my own terms; all while taking full advantage of being an employee to get ahead in my career and life!  Now it’s my mission to help others do the same.

David Seufer


Wealth Advisor

Retirement can be scary (even with a sizeable nest egg). At Gravitas, we create a Retirement Roadmap that allows our clients to relax about their money.


Becky Freemal


Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer I provide small to mid-sized companies the marketing strategy and leadership they need at a fraction of the cost and time commitment of a full-time executive.

My 2+ decades as a broadcast journalist, followed by marketing and communication strategy in several verticals, allowed me to hone my skills to “… parachute into any situation and quickly take command,” as one client shared. I am a decisive influencer, confident in the open-minded ideation space.

A people-first leader who asks the right questions, leans in to get the job done, and never forgets the importance of adding in a healthy dose of laughter.

Jocelyn Espejo


Brand Photographer

Hi, I’m Jocelyn aka Jo with Branding by Jo Photography. As a brand photographer, I specialize in helping small businesses stop hiding behind their logo and SHOW OFF who they are and what they’re about by capturing stunning visual content that showcases their brand and tells their unique story. Through my lens, I bring brands to life, creating images that resonate with your target audience and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Whether you need captivating product shots, engaging lifestyle imagery, or stunning portraits of your team, I work closely with you to understand your brand’s values and goals to create a visual narrative that truly captures your essence.


Angela Sedran


Business Management Coach, Consultant, Mentor

We help entrepreneurs and leaders build the business and leadership skills they need to successfully scale a business and the team that supports it.

WendyY Bailey


Fractional COO/CMO/CSO

I help 6-7+ figure coaches who need support in operations, marketing and sales with strategy, implementation and coaching so they can grow and scale.


Martine Williams


Life Coach & Keynote Speaker

I empower high-achieving Mompreneurs to harness their true strengths to get “unstuck”, boost their confidence and accelerate their results.

Amy Wilson


Debt Elimination Specialist

I help Corporate & Medical Professionals find the fastest path to become debt free saving 1/3 to 1/2 in time and interest payments without changing your lifestyle using an award-winning software program.* Receive a personalized wealth & savings report
* Find out how much money you will save in interest
* Discover the date you will have Ll your debts paid off.
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Cira Villalpando-Forbes


Financial Advisor, AAMS

Accelerating The Wealth Potential of Executives To Achieve Financial Independence & Peace Of Mind

Laura Horsch



I help people create an additional income stream in the direct-to-consumer arena in test-based preventative health.  With trillions of cells in our bodies, the foundation of our health is dependent upon the function of our cells.  Do you want to know if your cells are accepting what you are putting in your body, and detoxing as they should?  Do you ever wonder, if the supplements you are taking are doing everything they should?  I can help you find out!  I can also teach you how to create a residual income, helping others test (not guess) how their diet/supplementation is working for them.

Laurie Swanson


Financial Advisor, AAMS

I empower spirit-centered, Women in Tech‍ ‍to exit corporate and become their own boss. Succeed through mindset, energy, and spiritual tools. Monetize passions and expertise. Find freedom and fun again.

Tina Gail


Travel Business Owner

I empower professionals to build a life they don’t need a vacation from by helping turn their passion for exploring into a source of income. Whether you are feeling trapped in a long-standing corporate role, battling burnout, or simply in search of extra income, I can help you earn money on your own travels and build residual income streams.

Beverly Smith


Resume Writer & Career Strategist

I help mid and senior level managers with their resumes and job search strategies so that they can land the job of their dreams.

Jill Breheny


Executive Director – Sales

I empower women to achieve their deeper life dream with a Lemongrass Spa business. The transformation can include swapping out toxic head-to-toe products and transforming their self confidence. Joining my successful and compassionate team means that no one walks alone. I link arms with driven individuals to help them reach their goals. I also help busy individuals who don’t have the time, bandwidth OR energy to research their head-to-toe products with the ‘easy’ button.

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